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FOR PARENTS: Learn how to help your child when grief has changed you and your family.

FOR PROFESSIONALS: This book can be used with a group, taking parents through a series of activities to help their child and the family.

Quotes from the book: “As I worked with the children, increasingly the parents asked for help,not only with their grief but help with how to take on the parenting tasks that were unfamiliar to them… Now that a spouse had died… they asked….”How do I do what he or she did?” How can I provide what my child needs?”…”I can’t be two people. When I try I feel like a failure.”

and “The mourner tears a piece of fabric as a symbol, or a visual reminder of the fact that lives have been torn asunder or ripped apart. The interwoven threads of the lives of two people, or three, or four or more, have been torn apart.The emotional threads of relationships and memories have been ripped from the survivors’ hearts. “ Now we need answers to the question “How do we put it back together?”

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